Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just Call Me Handy

When your world seems dull and you feel like everyone is having more fun than you are, try hand modeling. It revved up my confidence. It made me feel needed. It sent my heart beating a little faster than usual. It caused me to wake up the next morning with a stiff shoulder. Case in point -

When I asked the wine and food author/critic (whose entire body got to remain in the frame) about his opinion of DC’s food scene, I desperately tried to channel the message, “Take me with you. Perhaps I, too, can dine for free. Let me be your wingman.”

After the photo shoot, I tasted the wine with my modeling hand. I noted that it tasted like juice. “Can I smell it?” asked the wine connoisseur. Watch expertise in action -

Later in the day, I requested him as a friend on Facebook. Then I felt slightly desperate. Story of my life.


Angela said...

What a great gig! How did you score that? He is cute...i would have done the same.

Have you ever seen the CBS Sunday morning interviews with the hand models. It just reran the other week? The one women wears gloves ALL the time. She is a little OCD. The other women, who was younger and single, said she doesn't wear gloves all time because she wants to date.

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Does the wine really tastes great? I feel really alone now. I hope your advice will help.

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